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Pennsylvania Story

The team captain of the Hempfield girls' track and field team shares her story. 

Idaho Story

A collegiate athlete in Idaho shares her experience being displaced by a boy. 

Connecticut Story

Two boys in Connecticut have won over 15 women's championship titles. One girl shares the need for a fair playing field.

New Hampshire Story

Franklin Pierce University male runner CeCe Telfer competed on the men’s track team in early 2018 before switching to the women’s team, and becoming national champion (in girl’s division). 

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Additional Resources

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 9.00.56 PM.png
  • highlights how the times of high school boys outperform almost every Olympic adult woman. If Olympic women can't beat high school boys, why would we expect high school girls to have a fair chance?

  • In September 2021 a man was able to compete against women in MMA. You can read about it here. The match shows how unfair it is to force women to compete against men.

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